LOGISTIC PARTNER - Distribution Privé
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Logistics for B2C e-commerce requires strong specialization. The vastness of the assortment, large numbers of orders, and purchasing speeds that characterize online sales are reflected in the expectations of fast, accurate, convenient and pleasant delivery services pleasing for those who buy.

This is a result that ItalSempione assures with the perfect integration of our web-based platform and market places. This allows us to manage the e-commerce logistics cycle (from procurement to shipment/cancellation of orders, from delivery to the final customer to returns management) in a fast, accurate, flexible way.

Our US Logistic Partner

Our Canadian Logistic Partner

  • Handling
    • Visual inspection of goods;
    • Physical inspection of goods;
    • Monitoring of input times.

  • Warehousing
      • Alarms and cctv cameras
      • Linked with security 24h
      • 24H guardians
      • Fire prevention system, smoke detection
      • Isolated areas for counter samples

  • Shipping
    • Preparing administrative/customs documentation
    • Double checking picking lists
    • Track-trace, delivery notifications
    • Direct delivery (drop shipping)
    • Reverse logistics